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Introducing The Lionel Trains Complete
Repair Manuals, Restoration Guide, Parts List
and Full Color Catalog 2 Disc Collection ...

Lionel Trains Repair Manuals and Catalogs Collection

This CD contains over 40 Lionel Train Service Repair, Restoration, Catalog and Information Manuals covering the years 1902 - 1986
Includes over 400 pictures and over 2000 pages of information and thousands of illustrations with diagrams, parts lists, pictures and blueprints

Easy-to-follow illustrations and schematics clarify the setup, installation, and repair details.

These manuals are clear and written in a way that just about anybody can follow them. It can be viewed on any computer (Vista and Mac compatible), as well as zoomed and printed with all pages indexed for easy searching
Offers over a thousand repair and maintenance tips for Lionel locomotives, operating cars, accessories, transformers, light bulbs, and switches.
Provides Lionel technical advice and handy techniques usually sold to professionals
Includes PREWAR, POST WAR, AND MODERN ERA (MPC) catalog mages and text which provides an excellent reference source and/or gift for any Lionel Train collector or enthusiast
There is information on Diesel Engines, Steam Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Lionel Catalogs, Accessories and Much More..

Free Bonus: Parts and Accessories Catalogs included with full color diagrams and pictures for avid train parts collectors.



Usually Only Sold To Certified Technicians ...
Get The Same CD That Professionals Use!

Lionel Train Set  HO ModelHere's the scenario: Most guides and discs that deal with Lionel Train repairs and catalog information are complete garbage. They skip over many important parts, or simply contain general superficial information.

The truth is, I have spent a ton of time looking online and reading books. Most of them just left me with more questions than answers. This 2 CD set blows them away. The system is covered from head to toe. Everything you need to know from restoration and repair is incredibly detailed.

This Service, Repair, & Parts List Manual 2 CD SET provides:

  • Thousands of illustrations with diagrams, parts lists, pictures and blueprints

  • Includes over 400 pictures of prewar, postwar and modern era items and over 2000 pages of information.

  • Covers post-war and pre-war trains manufactured between 1902-1986

  • Information on Diesel Engines, Steam Locomotives, Rolling Stock, Lionel Catalogs, Accessories and More..


Customer Testimonials for Lionel Manuals"Amazing... Simply Amazing!"

"Frank, what you have here is absolutely fabulous. Your package contains so much resources and illustrations that all Lionel train fans would absolutely love.

The content in this double CD package, especially the color catalogs, has been invaluable to me. If you're a toy train enthusiast, you can’t go wrong with this.

At the price Frank is offering this fantastic package, you’d be crazy to pass it up. In fact, they have places they lock people like that up. :) Thanks Frank for giving me the head “thumping” moment at 4 a.m.

Philip Moreno
Charlotte, NC


lionel model train layouts displays

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lionel model train layouts displays